Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Alyssa!
We were going to take Aly to the Children's Festival but it was too cold and wet.

Travis had the day off and we took Alyssa out to Airdrie to an indoor play center called Urban Treehouse.

Rolling rolling. Alyssa tried playdough for the first time.

Making umbrella's out of playdough, perfect for the weather we were having.

Emerson slept the entire time.

Can't pass up a ride on a unicorn. Then stopping for a gluten free dinosaur sugar cookie. How great that this place has gluten free treats.

Daddy and Aly climbing up into the treehouse.

Down the large fast twisty slide.

Mommy giving Alyssa her birthday cupcake after dinner.

Aly playing in the tunnel.

Mmmm Chocolate!
Nothing better than these chocolate cupcakes. We had them last year so I think this will be a tradition.

Our happy birthday girl had such a great day!

Mommy and E having a cuddle. Emerson has a cold right now but he isn't too cranky.

Grandpa and Alyssa putting together the sand/water table that she got for her bday. She was so mad that we couldn't test it out outside. "Grandpa, Make Sand! Make Sand!"

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