Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Since I'm on the topic of parental similarities, looks like Aly has picked up one of mine. Perhaps my favorite one :) Alyssa is crafty! I actually have to keep her out of our craft drawers or she'll have supplies everywhere!

Aly has a fantastic grasp of colours. I think her favorite right now is purple. Which was mine when I was little too. She knows the colours of the rainbow- she likes to name the colour of the toy she is playing with. I think Alyssa would carry crayons around all day if I didn't think she'd add some colour to the walls of the playroom.

These are the foam eggs Alyssa made for Easter in March. She put all the sticky foam pieces on and told me where to put the glitter glue with dots or squiggles. It was a fun day home craft with all the kids, I have enough for next year too.

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