Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Emerson has been very busy growing. The last few days he's been up to eating every 2hrs again, I'm exhausted! I'm thinking it might be time to add some formula into his diet, especially in the evening to help him stay fuller longer.

Emer is very alert and is always tracking his Big Sis Aly. She makes a lot of noise so she's not hard to lose.
Hanging out in the bumbo chair watching the kids play.

Emerson is working very hard right now on trying to roll over. He is very close and gets so mad that he can't get over. Aly was busy at this age too.

Emerson like Alyssa is a great combination of Travis and I. He has Travis' face shape- more oval, Aly and I are more round. He has Travis eye shape and I think his nose. He has my ears- just a little pointed, dimpled chin and my long hands and feet.

Sleeping peacefully. You can't tell in his pictures yet but he's going to have green eyes like his Grandpa Ken. They might actually be a green/blue combo. Travis called it, i'm not sure if i've said it on here before but on the day he was born Travis held Emerson (still then the unnamed baby) and said he was going to have green eyes and be 6 feet tall. So he'll have Grandpa's eyes and his Uncle's height.

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