Saturday, April 19, 2008

Alyssa's fisrt trip to the hospital. No, I did not bring my camera to the hospital to take a picture, I took it off the website.

At the end of last month Alyssa fell on the hardwood floor and got a cut on her forehead. Even though it bled all down her face and arm I managed to stay calm. Aly and Tegan were great helpers as we got out the first aid kit and patched her up so we could take her to the hospital.

Alyssa played in the waiting room, only a couple of hours later we were brought into another room to wait for the doctor. Aly watched some treehouse on t.v and fell asleep. The doc came in, cleaned the wound, glued her back together and put a band-aid on it all while Alyssa slept.

Back at home she was back to normal and Travis and I had to continually monitor our goofy girl as she insisted on carrying on with her day at top speed as usual.

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