Friday, April 25, 2008

Alyssa and Emerson all decked out in their flames jerseys. Aly got hers last year and Emer just got his (thanks Kelly & Meesh!) they are both large enough they'll still fit next season.

Alyssa playing with My Little Ponies that were mine and Auntie Becca's.

Emerson hanging out in the exersaucer playing. He already has his toes touching the bottom, he'll probably be able to manuever on his own in the next month.
Puddle Jumping.
It looks as though its calling to her. Aly... come and play....

Jump. Jump. Can you remember the last time you went and jumped in a puddle for fun?

I can actually, it was a couple of years ago. During the summer we had an unbelievable downpour, my neighbour Nadine and I ran and jumped into the water that was rushing down the street. We got soaked but it was so fun!

In the archives I have some great pics of Aly and I during a rainstorm that we were watching from underneath an umbrella last year.

You were too young to go running and jumping in the rain last year Aly, but this summer is going to be full opportunity to get our feet wet in some great puddles.

One Saturday afternoon Travis was getting ready to have a Poker night with the boys so we thought it best I head out with the kiddies to stay out of his way while he cleaned.
We met up with Grandma Karen and Grandpa Bob at the zoo. Being a nice day it was very busy but we had a lot of fun. We even were lucky enough to see the hippos feeding, this is the only picture I have of one standing.

Grandma Karen and Aly looking cool in their shades.

Grandpa and Aly talking about elephants.

Aly will listen to the info on these for a bit and then she decides to pretend to make a phone call.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Alyssa's fisrt trip to the hospital. No, I did not bring my camera to the hospital to take a picture, I took it off the website.

At the end of last month Alyssa fell on the hardwood floor and got a cut on her forehead. Even though it bled all down her face and arm I managed to stay calm. Aly and Tegan were great helpers as we got out the first aid kit and patched her up so we could take her to the hospital.

Alyssa played in the waiting room, only a couple of hours later we were brought into another room to wait for the doctor. Aly watched some treehouse on t.v and fell asleep. The doc came in, cleaned the wound, glued her back together and put a band-aid on it all while Alyssa slept.

Back at home she was back to normal and Travis and I had to continually monitor our goofy girl as she insisted on carrying on with her day at top speed as usual.

Gotta be just like Daddy. Aly doesn't get time on the computer yet, because she's still too young to get it but she'll sit on my lap and look at pictures.

Since Travis has so many spare computer parts he brought up a keyboard for Alyssa so that she would stop trying to type on his. Aly likes to sit next to which ever of us is on the computer so she can "typ, typ".


I had to take the time to say a huge THANK-YOU to a few people who have passed along their boy clothes to Emerson. Shawna, Trish, Michelle and Jenny you are awesome! Our little boy will be decked out in some very cute clothes for the next couple of years :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Some of you know that I am not in favour of vaccinating babies. I think that health canada is incorrect in painting all children with the same brush assuming that these vaccinations are safe for all. Since having kids I have made myself more aware of the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis. Trying to keep my family healthy is important so when I came across this document I felt it important to share. I think it is important to consider what we are allowing our children to be injected with since they are going through huge developmental stages which will determine who they are and how they function as people later on in life.

I'm not here to say i'm right and someone else is wrong for vaccinating, I'm just saying it may not be right for everyone. So, take a look at what is included in these vaccinations that we're giving to our babies do some other research and make an educated and well informed decision.

Getting off my soapbox now :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Since I'm on the topic of parental similarities, looks like Aly has picked up one of mine. Perhaps my favorite one :) Alyssa is crafty! I actually have to keep her out of our craft drawers or she'll have supplies everywhere!

Aly has a fantastic grasp of colours. I think her favorite right now is purple. Which was mine when I was little too. She knows the colours of the rainbow- she likes to name the colour of the toy she is playing with. I think Alyssa would carry crayons around all day if I didn't think she'd add some colour to the walls of the playroom.

These are the foam eggs Alyssa made for Easter in March. She put all the sticky foam pieces on and told me where to put the glitter glue with dots or squiggles. It was a fun day home craft with all the kids, I have enough for next year too.

One night after a bath, Aly came down stairs to say goodnight to Daddy and needed to run off some excess energy.

I wish she was this happy every night when it came time to go to bed.
Being 2 is very challenging right now.

I'm crossing my fingers that things continue to get better as they have been over the last week. She still cries a bit going to sleep which makes me feel SO guilty but Aly really doesn't like to go to sleep and miss out on anything. She comes by it honestly- one of her other parents didn't like sleep either. *i'm pointing at the other parent so all know it isn't me*

Spending a nice day outside adding some art to the sidewalk.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Easter egg hunt this year was a great success. Alyssa was a great hunter of eggs and was thrilled that they had hidden treats inside.
She had to share her goodies with Mommy and Daddy of course who she inherited a sweet tooth from. Chocolate eggs, and M & M's don't last long in this house!

My little bunnies :)

Poor Emerson looks a little scared in this pic. It was early so I had to use the flash.

Aly playing with Emer's ears and adjusting them for him.

Alyssa giving her brother a hug and kiss. My kids are so cute!

Adorable bunny is all smiles :)

Cheeky Aly was pointing and saying NO! jokingly.

Emerson has been very busy growing. The last few days he's been up to eating every 2hrs again, I'm exhausted! I'm thinking it might be time to add some formula into his diet, especially in the evening to help him stay fuller longer.

Emer is very alert and is always tracking his Big Sis Aly. She makes a lot of noise so she's not hard to lose.
Hanging out in the bumbo chair watching the kids play.

Emerson is working very hard right now on trying to roll over. He is very close and gets so mad that he can't get over. Aly was busy at this age too.

Emerson like Alyssa is a great combination of Travis and I. He has Travis' face shape- more oval, Aly and I are more round. He has Travis eye shape and I think his nose. He has my ears- just a little pointed, dimpled chin and my long hands and feet.

Sleeping peacefully. You can't tell in his pictures yet but he's going to have green eyes like his Grandpa Ken. They might actually be a green/blue combo. Travis called it, i'm not sure if i've said it on here before but on the day he was born Travis held Emerson (still then the unnamed baby) and said he was going to have green eyes and be 6 feet tall. So he'll have Grandpa's eyes and his Uncle's height.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

We all got together at Uncle Peter's a few weeks ago. It was nice to visit with eachother since everyone is so busy we don't get to spend as much time together as we'd all like. Nick and Kim announced that they were moving to Halifax, a very exciting opportunity for them.
Emerson is getting huge! He has almost doubled his birth weight, he's up around 12lbs now. He is still eating every 2 1/2 - 3hrs, I am really hoping that he starts extending this time at night. He has slept up to 5hrs before but that's between 8 and midnight- not a huge help to me yet. Travis has tried insisting that I go to bed with the kids. But then I don't get to spend time with him so i'm still reluctant.

A great one of the 4 of us. Kim was able to get Aly to finally look at her to get all of us. Trav or I are behind the camera most of the time so I really treasure the family of 4 pics that are captured by others.

Me with my "little" brothers Nick and Chad. So few people believe me that there really are tall genes in the family, I just missed out on them :)

This is an awesome pictures of Aly fisting Uncle Nick. Daddy just taught her how to do that earlier that week :) Seriously cute!

With all the kids sleeping right now I decided to play around on the blog a bit. I've changed the template- let me know what you think. I may try a couple of others as well over the next couple of weeks.

I have to say i'm hoping to update and fill you in with more stories and interesting tidbits now that I have wireless in the house and i'm able to be upstairs and work on the laptop. Looking back in the archives I see that I use to post fewer pictures, but wrote more. I won't skimp on the pics because I love them too much but I really want to but more into the posts. This will be a good way for me to remember things when I do scrapbook pages, I can be really bad about not journalling on a page.
One afternoon Aly, Emer & I headed out to see Nana, Auntie Becca and the horses.
Aly was up on Becca's horse Diamond when she was a bit younger but it didn't last long, this time she was more enthusiastic.
Sitting tall and hanging on all by herself. Alyssa loves all animals but I can see her really getting into horses :)

Auntie Becca and Nana took her into the arena to walk a few laps. Aly kept trying to get Nana to stop spotting her. Halfway home she started crying because she wanted to go back and ride more.
There are some more pictures of this day coming. A couple of Aly and Emerson together on a haybale with a plastic stear head on it. They are stuck on Auntie Becca's camera at the moment.