Monday, March 24, 2008

Aly and Grandpa were so excited to go to the park they headed off at a run.
Alyssa slowed down and took Grandpa's hand which is so sweet.

Aly stopping to watch the birds and blow kisses bye to them.

Catching back up to Grandpa.

Taking a ride on Grandpa's shoulders across the road.

Emerson on his way to the park before he fell asleep.

Aly and Gramps having fun at the swings.

Little People Dayhome

Alyssa was playing and didn't know that I was taking pictures of her at first, here she's putting baby to sleep.

We have some great fisher price toys, this is the dayhome.

Alyssa has all kinds of people in the dayhome, sometimes it becomes an animal only house and when a little person tries to enter to tells them no and shuts the door on them.

Aly's is often cooking food for her guests but has increasingly become interested in the bathroom where the people and animals sit on the potty to "pee" or "poop" Everyday she sits on her own potty and practices. I look forward to the day of no more diapers- for her at least.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bumbo Chair Fun!

Alyssa in July 2006 in the Bumbo chair.

Emerson March 2008 in the Bumbo chair.

You can definately tell they're related :)

Aly and Emerson hanging out with me while making lunch one day.

Bath Time

I can't believe I haven't posted Bath pictures of Emerson yet. He loves the water just like his big Sis!

All smiles.

Cheese! Aly likes to wash herself with her monkey loofa.

Alyssa working on her swimming and imitation of a froggie.

Aly has fun making faces- here is grouchy.

This is angry Aly.

Happy face :)

Princesses for the Day

Princess Alyssa and Princess Teagan getting ready for a tea party.


Travis had the brilliant idea of taking some of the amazingly yummy fresh strawberries we got this week and dipping them in Chocolate!

It was a great dessert-YUM!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Valentine's Day

This is how Alyssa, Emerson and I spent our Valentine's Day together. We met up with some friends at the zoo and got to enjoy a nice sunny morning, and a crisp afternoon.

Alyssa and Kate holding hands as we finished our day and headed home.

1.... 2..... 3......


I didn't even make it to pulling out of our parking spot before Alyssa crashed!