Sunday, February 17, 2008

We're Going to the Zoo!

Emerson's first trip to the zoo at only 2 weeks old, we couldn't resist- the weather was great!

Very cool Red Panda!

Mommy and Aly still having fun. Alyssa walked the entire zoo as usual, but it was a record time of 4hrs! We were highly impressed of our girl, the summer will be great for hiking!

The not so little baby tiger born last May.

Aly on Daddy's shoulders to get a better view of the tigers playing.

Alyssa made us stop to look at the ducks now that she can say "Duck!" when you ask her what they say she responds "Duck, Duck" 'cause she can't say "Quack" yet- so cute!

Emerson hanging out with the elephants.

Aly finally let me take a pic of her with the elephants in the back ground, she was so busy watching she was getting mad I was taking her attention away from them.

Emerson all bundled up.

The lemur was on a branch right in front of us! Everytime I see the lemurs all I can think about is the movie Madagascar with the crazy lemur king. "I like to move it, move it"

Family Pic

Giraffe family pic.

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