Sunday, February 17, 2008


Alyssa has been doing very well with having such a change in her life. First her friends stopped coming when I took time off from the Day Home, then Christmas, and then a baby brother. Here is a look at some of my favorite pictures of Alykins over the last 6 weeks.

Just getting into the fun that comes with dressing up. Here is Princess Aly putting on some jewels.

Watch out boys, she'll make you join in the fun too! That means you Daddy and Grandpas!

Hanging out with Puppy and watching some Diego early one morning.

Telling Mommy which way we should go to see more animals (our trip to the zoo last thursday)

The very fake cry because I want to get a picture of her smiling and she is sick of me and my camera.

Walking around at the zoo.

Playing with the oven mitts.

I love watching Alyssa, she loves to imitate or to make up her own little jokes. Here she put on our oven mitts because the oven is "Hot!" and I had them out while making dinner. She claps her hands and laughs because she knows that's not what they're really for. I start singing "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands" Aly laughs more and claps along :)

Aly running- which she prefers to walking.

Waiting for us to catch up.

I love this pic! I took it at the zoo just in front of the camels. Aly was saying "Wow! and Oohh!"

Cute pic of my Monkey playing with Daddy, she makes us snacks with interesting combinations of veggies and fruits.

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