Saturday, January 05, 2008

milk junkie

Thanks to Uncle Dax and Auntie Kyla for this super adorable hat.

At Home

We came home from the hospital on January 2nd. Alyssa was so happy to have Emerson and I there, she loves holding him and giving him kisses.

Daddy showing Alyssa how to hold her baby brother.

Giving Kisses


Pics from the Hospital

Alyssa having a snack and hanging out with Mommy while she burps Emerson.

Yikes! that is a bad pic, I'm not looking so good.

Bath Time

Emerson getting all cleaned up.

Proud Daddy and Big Sis watching Emerson get a little sun.


Emerson Marshall Head
December 31st, 2007 8:40am 6lbs 4oz 19inches

December 31st

Well, it was quite an adventure getting ready for our little guy to make his appearance. I had been having contractions on and off for two weeks, similiar to what happened with Alyssa only these were much stronger but just when I thought we'd have to go in down they would go. Finally we went in late on the 30th and the Doc on call asked us to go and walk around the hospital for a couple of hours.

By 4am my contractions hadn't gotten any stronger but they hadn't gone down so they were all ready to send us home. Until the Doc decided to check on baby and determined that he wasn't head down like everyone had thought he was actually oblique. Laying diagonally across my belly and cozied up in my ribs, there was no way they could do anything except a C-Section. They scheduled an emergency section for 8am, here we are exhausted and waiting to go into the OR.
I wish I would have taken belly pictures and done a cast like I did with Alyssa but I was so miserable and uncomfortable during the last while that I really hadn't felt up to it. Oh well, i'll come up with some other cool things to do just for him.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve we celebrated at Uncle Dax and Auntie Kyla's house. Alyssa of course got completely spoiled and did well staying up past her bed time.

We put her in her cozy pj's and she fell fast asleep on the ride home.
Early Christmas morning, Aly opening presents.

Playing with her new magnetic fishing puzzle. Daddy showed her how to catch fish and other sea creatures, she was very excited.

The overflowing tree.

Alyssa playing with her new Easel, blackboard on one side, paper on the other. In a few more months we'll break out the paints, for now its just crayons :)

Trimming the Tree

Here we are decorating our tree on the first weekend in December.