Sunday, December 28, 2008

Alyssa and Emerson having their Christmas morning pancakes. Yum!
The little tow truck that goes with the garage. Emerson is all about cars, trucks and noise! He is such a boy!

We had to take Emerson's pj's off him, since they're a bit big he kept getting tripped up.
Emerson pushing around his new dump truck.
Alyssa wouldn't open her stocking until she got to open Achilles' stocking to see what Santa brought.

Aly's been talking about camping a lot, we usually go once a day on a little camping adventure. This little people set has a car, 2 girls, tent trailer, cooler, fishing rod, 2 camp chairs and a little campfire. There are fun sounds too! Music, an owl hooting, frog croacking, crickets chirping and the campfire crackling. Makes me think of summer and going out to the mountains to tent with the kids next year.

Christmas morning began at 6:00am! Aly was so excited to see the presents under the tree and Santa had set up the little people camping tent trailer and garage for her and Emerson to play with.

Christmas morning and afternoon we hung out and played with a bunch of the new toys the kids had received. That evening Nana, Grandpa Jack, Nini, Auntie Becca, Uncle Chad, Auntie Melissa, Uncle Peter and Harry all came over to celebrate and share a delicious turkey dinner. It was crowded and busy and crazy but a fantastic day!

Christmas Eve was hosted by Dax and Kyla. We headed over in the afternoon to hang out and let the cousins spend some time together when they were all in a good mood :) It is awesome that they are so close in age. Next year is going to be insane with all of them running around.

Alyssa had to help the boys open their presents " 'cause they're just learnin' " she says.

Kieran enjoying the wrapping paper as much as the toys inside
Kieran is so cute! I love that he poses for the camera now. Its much easier to take his picture when he's staying still and smiling, unlike my two hooligans. Aly still isn't that into pics of her and Emer just wants to run around and get into everything he isn't allowed to.
The boys hanging out together on the floor.

Emerson's top gums are still bothering him and the 3rd and 4th top teeth are still just hanging below the surface. Hopefully they'll break through soon and give the poor guy some relief.
We had a fantastic afternoon and evening celebrating, the kids were great and got spoiled. I'll add more pictures once I get them later on.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone! This will probably be the last post of the year. Things are busy but are sure to be even busier as the week progresses. When we're back we'll be several pounds heavier from all the delicious holiday dinners and treats, our children will be thoroughly spoiled, Emerson will be 1 year old and we'll be starting a whole new year. Exciting times! I hope you and yours all have a safe and joyous holiday season. Hugs and lots of love from us to you!

Aly eating the marshmellows above. Aly testing the snow (icing sugar) below.
Daddy saying the marshmellow need to go on the roof. And No, you can not eat a bite and then put the rest on the roof. We had to give her a few marshmellow, M & M's and hersey kisses so she would stop eating all of the decorating supplies.
Ta da! Our very first gluten free ginger bread house. We bought a kit from a Tasty Menu restaurant but we'll make our own next year. The gingerbread we had was good but our friends who also bought one had problems with theirs and the candy they included wasn't all that little kid friendly for Alyssa so we had to substitute most out. But it was fun to do together and we know for next year :)

Tis the season to be crafty! Aly was so happy to make snowflakes out of beads and pipecleaners and even more impressed when I showed her how to add cord onto it so she could hang it on the Christmas tree.

Alyssa doesn't say "I did it" she says "I made it!" whenever she does something on her own. I love all her little sayings and special phrases she has, cracks us right up.
Some of her favorites we hear quite often "Holy Cow!" "Oh my goodness/or gosh" "Ugh! Mooom! I can do that" "I'm suppose to do that" this last one is said when she is doing something she is not allowed to do and Trav or I ask her if she's suppose to be doing that. She use to say No and then stop, now oozing 2 yr old attitude she says "Yes, I'm suppose to do that/this" Good Grief!
I had to post this picture of cutie Emerson trying to help Aly and I with the dishes. You will be seeing this pic again when I can unearth the picture of Travis at almost the exact same age, in the exact same situation. Look for it in the New Year. If I happen to forget- and that's always a possibility, send me an email and i'll get right on it :)

I really wanted to get some Christmas cards made this year but honestly I did not have the energy or the time I needed to get gifts and cards made. Gifts won out, so if you are one of the lucky recipents of a handmade gift be know that it was a labour of love. Hopefully next year i'll start a little earlier and the rest of you can have a cute Christmas card with a picture of my adorable rugrats inside :) Here are the pictures from trying to wrangle my kids into smiling nicely for the camera and the would be xmas cards.

This one is a little blury but one of my favorite, I love they're both so happy and those little feet are so cute I just want to nibble on them.

I love that they are starting to have fun with eachother. In Emerson's eyes Aly is the funniest person around. Emer is beginning to be more of a playmate than just the baby who couldn't do anything and then the little brother who got into her stuff. Tonight before bed they played upstairs and chased eachother around giggling and screaming. It makes me smile to see that development and even though I am a bit sad at how fast they are growing i'm very excited to see their relationship growing and changing into what I hope will be a lifelong friendship.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

LOL! enjoy the hilarious Alyssa. She did this a couple of times for Trav and I before we grabbed the camera.

Going so fast on the sled that she fell out a couple of times Daddy did a U turn on the front lawn.
Snow wrestling.

Good sled ride. "Faster Daddy, Faster!"
Emerson began to get cold and tired so I had to take him in. Look out the window and you can see Alyssa trying to give Travis a ride on the little sled. hehe.
Travis throwing snowballs for Achilles to chase, then at Aly and I.

A close up of grouchy. HAHA. She really felt that it was interfearing with her snow time to have to sit down and look at the camera.
Our neighbour was out and offered to take a picture of all of us together. Aly is pouting because she didn't want her pic taken- so what else is new?!
Alyssa learning that snow is harder to run through. The resistance stopped her in her tracks and she almost landed face first.

She made up for her earlier actions by taking Emerson on a ride in the little sled.

We had a ton of fun in all the snow that fell the first weekend of December. The plan was to have dinner with some family but the snow was coming down in buckets and the roads weren't great so it was cancelled. Instead the four of us bundled up and went out to enjoy some play time in the snow.
Aly took advantage of the fact her brother was unable to move and laughed as she tipped him over . Emer was less than impressed, that girl is on borrowed time pushin' him around. He'll be bigger than her soon and it will be all over for her. Next winter my money is on Emer giving Aly the first face wash of the season.
Emerson has some of the funniest faces! He does this one quite a bit and I think it is just so cute. I think that part of it has to do with his teeth coming in at the top. Emer is always chewing something and if it isn't a soother or a toy watch out 'cause he may just try and take a bite out of your leg!

We cut his hair because it was getting so long and he looks like such a boy now. My baby is disappearing! I think that he looks more and more like Travis especially his facial expressions. I am trying to catch one eyebrow raise- OMG its Travis' mini me!
Emer loves being outside and will try and make a break for it anytime the door is open. This week is definately too cold to go out and play but we've had a few nice days. Next year I think he'll enjoy it even more since he'll be able to walk in his suit. Right now he can just roll over and it makes him mad that he can't crawl or walk.

Emerson has been eating solids for a long time. He refused to eat any baby food once he hit 8 months. This was difficult at first because he will not let you feed him anything! Emer does really well now and eats everything that we do. This Christmas we'll let him have his first cookie and for his birthday we'll give him the customary chocolate cupcake.

Emerson is growing so fast in just a couple of weeks he is going to be 1 year old! He has been taking steps since he was 9 1/2 months but it wasn't until this last week that he has realized that he can really move. One of the little girls in the dayhome is just a couple of months older than him she is a great walker so he decided to follow her :)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Saturday, December 06, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
We let Alyssa stay up late last Sunday so that she could help decorate the Christmas tree. I like to wait until the first weekend in December to get out all the decorations but with Aly so excited I couldn't help but start humming Christmas tunes early. I'm also learning a couple of carols on the piano :) It worked out well though because Aly has loved being able to count the days till Christmas with her Advent calendar.
Emerson knew something was up so he woke up after his sister went to bed and came downstairs to have some milk and investigate the tree. I was worried I would have to be at him all the time to not pull things off but he's been great. He'll crawl or walk over and bat at a few decorations but that's about it.

I picked up 2 santa hats from Michaels for $5. Do you think i'll be able to get a pic of the two of them together? Not likely! This picture was pure coincidence as Aly was running around crazy as usual.

Alyssa loves all things crafty- woohoo! and here are some of the snowflakes she decorated with sequins, stickers and glitter glue.
OMG, I had to add this picture because it reminds me so much of Travis! Many of his pictures when he was young are almost exactly like that shoulder up, chin down shy smile.