Monday, November 05, 2007

Happy Halloween

For Halloween I was a witch (the only thing I could come up with because of my big belly and wardrobe options) and Aly was my little kitty- for a while.

We did a bit of decorating for Halloween this year, spiders in the windows with yellow cellophane behind to make it glow yellow, some ghosts with some little fences that had skulls on them (they're at the bottom of the stairs) and a skeleton at the front door window. It was an age appropriate spooky house for Aly.

Our little kitty loved her pumpkin, but kept calling it an apple- lol!

"OoOOooooOo" Making some ghost sounds. She thought it was pretty funny and pointed to our ghosts out front.

We took Aly out to a few houses for her first trick- or- treat night but it was getting chilly and she didn't want to wear her kitty ears. Instead we dressed her up in winter gear and added her tiara and princess skirt that Grandma Eileen bought her.

Wow! Check out the excitement on her face as we dump out her bag of treats.

I think the highlight of the evening for her was her discovery of smarties! She had a box or two and was very happy with her stash of goodies.

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