Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Butterfield Acres

Last month Alyssa, Nana, Auntie Becca and I headed out to Butterfield Acres for the morning. It was Aly's first time and it was pretty funny!

Here is a baby goat that was only a couple of weeks old, he was SO CUTE!

One of the goats really liked my jacket :)

Aly on a pony ride, I wasn't sure how she'd be but she enjoyed herself and even was petting the pony near the end.

Alyssa's first pony ride, i'm sure in a few years she'll have one on her Christmas wish list to Santa.

The bunnies just did not want to be pet. We tried to get one so Aly could, she loves Bunny Rabbits but the darn things were so fast.

Pointing to where one of the bunny's was hiding out.

Looking down on the Cow and her baby.

At first Alyssa was very happy to see the sheep and kept saying "Baa!" but when the sheep decided to talk back....

Aly was not happy! It was loud and the sheep was close and Alyssa didn't want to go anywhere near the sheep after that. It was really funny, I know I shouldn't laugh but I couldn't help it- she's cute even when she cries. :)

At the park with Nana on one of the tire horses. Yeehaw!

Checking out Peppi the Burrow.

All cozied up after the wagon ride, it was starting to get chilly.

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