Saturday, September 15, 2007

Random Cuteness

Some pictures of Alyssa over the last couple of weeks.
Here she is at the park, she loves the swings! She'll lean back and close her eyes or flop forwards and just hang out. I think Aly's favorite part right now is when you give her a big push and run underneath her.

Aly likes to put pillows on the floor and flops down and rolls around on them when she's getting tired.

Showing me her baby, Alyssa almost always has one of her dolls with her.

Reading stories after bathtime is part of our bed time routine. This book is a favorite, it has a couple of pages on body parts so Aly has to point to hers when Daddy reads her the words.
We read her 3 stories but that is often not enough for this little book work, so we've started putting a few books in her crib and she'll read them for a bit before falling asleep.

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