Friday, September 28, 2007

Sword Fight!

Travis brought home some swords when he had "pirate day" at work. They are so cool! Daddy and Aly had a good duel, of course Aly won :)

And The Rain, Rain, Rain, Came Down, Down, Down....

One afternoon while Aly and I were playing outside it began to rain. Alyssa thought it was fun to feel the rain drops on her hand but as it came down harder I had to drag her in the house kicking and screaming. No harm in playing in the rain as long as your dressed for it, so out came the warmer jacket and our very large umbrella. We had fun splashing in puddles, watching the water rush down the street and Aly thought is was very funny to dart out from under the umbrella put her face up to the rain and then come back under :) It poured buckets but we stayed out for over a half hour but once Daddy came home Aly was happy to finally go inside.

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Alyssa stops during our walk to the park to smell the flowers. These yellow ones seem to be her favorites at the moment.

Skrinkley nose which she does to show me she is smelling the flower.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

@ The Zoo

Recently Travis was away for a week in SanFransico at a conference for work. The weekend before we decided to spend some family time together and went to the zoo for the afternoon.

Hippo under water- Aly likes to walk back and forth and follow them when they're swimming. She also likes to go right up to the glass and try and touch the fish.

Cute Mama and Baby Giraffe.

One of the monkeys at the primate exhibit.
Travis lifted Aly up so she could get a closer look at the tiger since he was walking up along the fence. She looked at the tiger and then looked at Daddy and shook her head
"No, All done!"
So ended our trip to the zoo :)

Budding Artist

As summer has come to a close I've been thinking about the things that I will miss. One of them will be the unique and colourful sidewalk chalk drawings of Aly and her day home friends in front of our house, and many of the neighbours as well :)
Giving us an update on her artistic progress

"Here, I think this is just the colour you are looking for" Alyssa does very well with sharing and taking turns.

Deep in thought about where she'll draw next.

"I am trying to create!"
Aly giving me a bit of attitude when I suggested it might be time to pack things up. She could stay outside for hours.

Planning how far up the block they plan on making their mark.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Random Cuteness

Some pictures of Alyssa over the last couple of weeks.
Here she is at the park, she loves the swings! She'll lean back and close her eyes or flop forwards and just hang out. I think Aly's favorite part right now is when you give her a big push and run underneath her.

Aly likes to put pillows on the floor and flops down and rolls around on them when she's getting tired.

Showing me her baby, Alyssa almost always has one of her dolls with her.

Reading stories after bathtime is part of our bed time routine. This book is a favorite, it has a couple of pages on body parts so Aly has to point to hers when Daddy reads her the words.
We read her 3 stories but that is often not enough for this little book work, so we've started putting a few books in her crib and she'll read them for a bit before falling asleep.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Top Hat Fun

Alyssa got a hold of Adam's top hat (the groom) and had quite a bit of fun putting it on and taking it off and playing peek-a-boo.

As Promised.....

The missing pictures of the first part of our vacation are here!
With us being so busy it is quite rare to get family photos together, but my wonderful friend Amanda and her new hubby Adam made sure their photographer got a few shots for which I am very greatful.