Monday, August 06, 2007

On the Lake

Out on the boat for the first time. I was a worried Alyssa would be afraid, she gets scared at the noise from the vacuum at home! But Aly has been all about trying new things this vacation and she had a great time hanging out on the boat for a couple of hours.

Aly watching Daddy, cousin Tonya and Mitch while they took a swim in the lake.
Alyssa decided that she wanted to go in the lake too, so Daddy hung her over the side. It was impossible to find the right size of life jacket so the one she had on was big and probably uncomfortable when she was in the water so she didn't stay in long.

Alyssa kept a sharp eye out for any boats that came our way, she just had to wave at everyone she saw.

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Carley said...

Vacation looks fabulous, and the photos are adorable, u guys sure do make cute kids!