Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Future Iron Chef

When we were in Kelowna Auntie Diane brought out a set of dishes for Aly to play with. I thought she might be a bit young but boy was I wrong! Anytime we were in the house she was playing with those dishes, pretending to make things giving them to us and the various stuffed animals at the play table.

Once we got home from holidays we bought Alyssa her first kitchen with some dishes and food. The fruits and vegetables have velcro on them so you can pretend to cut them, Aly plays with this every day.

Had to be sure Mommy put on the stickers where they belong.

Smiling at Grandma Eileen taking her picture.

Checkin' out the fridge.

Alyssa and I putting the finishing touches on the assembly.

I was so excited to get this open for Aly, I didn't wait for Travis to get home from work.

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