Wednesday, August 01, 2007

At the Zoo June 2007

Back in June Alyssa and I took Carol to the zoo with us for a very fun afternoon. It rained a bit but it turned out well since the animals cooled off and were active for us.

Here is a pic of my monkey in her "cage" Hehe this is Alyssa in a section of the big kids playground.

A nice one of Aly and I in the Rainforest.

Alyssa and Carol laughing together.

The flowers in the butterfly garden are beautiful, I couldn't resist taking this picture.

Babies everywhere! Along with these mountain goats we also saw baby peacocks, and monkeys.

Aly loved watching the elephant.

The exhibit for the elephants is really neat, Aly is standing by a lifesize replica of an elephant's leg, it shows a section of the inside.

Lifesize elephant showing you how big the insides are. Cool!

Alyssa got a great view of the hippo's swimming by, and the fish- she tried to catch a few :)

More babies, here is the newest giraffe Richard (left) and his Mommy.

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Carley said...

The zoo pics are so great! I really need to take liv there! And that picture of the flower is beautiful, great job.