Sunday, August 26, 2007

Another Day At The Park

We are usually at a park playing twice a day, its one of the best things about where we live just about every block in the neighbourhood has one.

It is also getting much more fun with Aly as she is determined to climb everything herself.

This park about a block from where we live is great for younger kids. Alyssa can get on almost all of the equipment by herself.

Aly has yet to master sitting on her bum and scootching up to slide down. On occasion she gets to the slide before I do but I manage to catch her before she heads face first into the ground.

Aly spends most of her time at the park in the swings. She laughs, giggles and squeals in delight when you give her a high push. Aly has started to kick her feet back and forth too.

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