Sunday, August 26, 2007

20 Weeks

It is hard to believe we have surpassed the half way point! Here are some pics Travis took just as we hit 20 weeks. I was no where near as big as this with Alyssa at this point.

When you ask Aly where her baby brother is she'll pull up my shirt and pat my tummy, its very sweet. I hope that this affection will carry on to when he's actually here- haha I'm not holding my breath :)

Aly giving her baby brother some kisses and hugs. I'm sure after some adjustment she'll be a wonderful and helpful Big Sis.

Riley Park

The summer is almost over and i'll be back to day home "work" full time next week so i'm glad Aly and I got to have a day to go down to Riley Park with some friends and enjoy the day. This was also Alyssa's first bus ride :) After hanging out all afternoon we walked downtown to meet Daddy after his day of work.

Another Day At The Park

We are usually at a park playing twice a day, its one of the best things about where we live just about every block in the neighbourhood has one.

It is also getting much more fun with Aly as she is determined to climb everything herself.

This park about a block from where we live is great for younger kids. Alyssa can get on almost all of the equipment by herself.

Aly has yet to master sitting on her bum and scootching up to slide down. On occasion she gets to the slide before I do but I manage to catch her before she heads face first into the ground.

Aly spends most of her time at the park in the swings. She laughs, giggles and squeals in delight when you give her a high push. Aly has started to kick her feet back and forth too.

Twirling & Whirling

Alyssa has discovered Twirling, she usually throws one in when she's dancing to music.

This day she found that if she did it many times in a row she'd get dizzy and fall down.

Her friends Will and Aidan thought she was hilarious and oh so silly and she definately hammed it up for them.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Here Piggy Piggy

Alyssa adding some coin to her piggy bank, she has a little cow bank that we use for larger currency :)

She has tried putting the coins in her mouth once of twice but likes to put them in her piggie and then shake it so I'm crossing my fingers that we'll never need an ER visit.

Aly concentrating hard on getting that penny in, she'll have fantastic hand-eye coordination.

Yogurt Explosion

Alyssa is such a character! Seriously we are laughing almost on an hourly basis at her antics.

She's been starting to eat with a fork and spoon. The fork has been fairly easy and uneventful, the spoon however has a long way to go- haha.

Aly started out very well with using just the spoon but soon seemed to decide it wasn't fast enough and took to using spoon and hands.

Yummm! Yogurt is one of Alyssa's favorite snacks, anytime you open the fridge she'll pull one out.

Future Iron Chef

When we were in Kelowna Auntie Diane brought out a set of dishes for Aly to play with. I thought she might be a bit young but boy was I wrong! Anytime we were in the house she was playing with those dishes, pretending to make things giving them to us and the various stuffed animals at the play table.

Once we got home from holidays we bought Alyssa her first kitchen with some dishes and food. The fruits and vegetables have velcro on them so you can pretend to cut them, Aly plays with this every day.

Had to be sure Mommy put on the stickers where they belong.

Smiling at Grandma Eileen taking her picture.

Checkin' out the fridge.

Alyssa and I putting the finishing touches on the assembly.

I was so excited to get this open for Aly, I didn't wait for Travis to get home from work.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Frogs & Snails And Puppy Dog Tails......

That's what little boys are made of!!!! Today we went for an ultrasound and found out that we are expecting a boy! We are all very excited- maybe Daddy most of all because he won't be out-numbered :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Our vacation was complete with a some time spent catching up with an old friend. I've known Julie Torriero since we were in the 4th grade, we lost touch for a while after highschool but how cool that we reconnected through facebook.

We spent a few hours hanging out on the beach in the very hot sun on our last afternoon.

Building Sandcastles In The Sun

When we were planning our holidays Travis couldn't stop telling Alyssa all the fun things we were going to be able to do on the beach.
Here is the first official castle for our Princess Alyssa, her and Daddy worked very hard on it together.

Looking for Treasure

Alyssa the treasure hunter!
Travis and I taught Alyssa how to use her sifter so this day she spent almost an hour sitting in the water filling up the fish and then shaking all the sand and rocks out so she could pull out the bigger rocks.