Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Big News!

Check out the cute shirt that I picked up for Alyssa last weekend.

This is Alyssa when we told her she wasn't going to be an only child. (Ok, really she was just tired and ready for nap time but funny how it worked out)

Alyssa is going to be a Big Sister! Baby Bean is expected beginning of January '08.
We'll need to rename our blog, please email me your suggestions :)

Achilles Doesn't Like Water

Travis was watering the tree and Achilles likes to attack water. Enjoy some funny pictures of our puppy.

Watering Plants

Grandma Eileen brought over some more plants for the flower bed out front.

Alyssa helped Daddy water the plants. She had fun putting her fingers in the water stream.

Being the big girl she is Aly had to try doing it all by herself.

Out on the Deck

Here's a cute picture of Travis and Alyssa playing with her Winnie the Pooh choo choo train. Trav is trying to figure out where the bubbles go.

This is one of our favourite things that Alyssa does right now. When she checks things out, that she's not suppose to touch she crouches down to get a closer look.

The Deane House

Back in May I met some girlfriends at the Deane House in Inglewood for brunch one Saturday morning. Alyssa and I showed up early so she could do lots of walking around in the garden.

Aly loved my friend Deb's purse it had gold thread in it and sparked in the sun.
The flowers were already out and just beautiful! I really like all the different kinds they had and the variety of coloured tulips.

Natalie, Me, Alyssa, Deb and Fawn after our very yummy brunch.

Alys checking out the tulips, she was very good at being gentle with the flowers.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Alyssa's Birthday- Into the Night

It was like Christmas all over again, Alyssa was so wound up from the day's festivities that she would not calm down and go to sleep.

So what else could we do but break out a new toy that made her chase balls around. This was fun to play with! It shoots balls out the top and Aly had to chase them and put them back, it has some fun music to get you all in a frenzy :)

Thanks to Carley, Cyrus and Olivia for this gift which helped us exhaust Alyssa so that she could fall asleep at the somewhat decent hour of 10:30pm!

Alyssa's Birthday- Opening Gifts

I put the bow on Alyssa's head and she had fun playing with the curly ribbons.

Aly is such a little girl. Her buddy Teagan brings a baby with her everyday so Alyssa enjoyes playing with dolls much more then I thought she would at just 1. Travis and I got her a cabbage patch doll for her birthday and her friend Teagan gave her the doll pictured here.

Here is Alyssa and I reading one of the birthday cards. Aly looks at everything in front of her very intensely, Travis and I often talk about how she really looks like she's reading- haha.