Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Nose Hill Park

Such a cute picture of Alyssa sitting among the flowers. She picked a few and even tried to eat one. I love watching her explore when she is outside, she is endlessly fascinated by the grass, bugs, birds, clouds and anything else she that passes by.

Alyssa loves to walk and it was pretty funny to watch her try and move on uneven ground. She was very determined though.

Aly all strapped in her backpack. This was the maiden voyage and she had so much fun being able to see all around her. It is going to be great during our summer holidays, we'll be able to go everywhere and pack Alyssa along.

The Crocus' are just beautiful! We weren't sure how many we'd see but there were plenty still out and many more just peeping out from under the grass.

Last year when I was pregnant with Alyssa I was up on Nose Hill almost every day for a walk with my parents and the dogs Achilles and Abe.
Since it was such a beautiful afternoon on Sunday my Mom and I took Alyssa up for her first hike of the year up on Nose Hill.

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