Monday, May 21, 2007

Harry James Grimwood-Knight

Meet our newest Cousin! Harry James was born on Wednesday May 9th. He was 7lbs and 9 oz, is 19 inches long and Adorable!
Check out Jenny's blog Gingersnap (on the left) to see some more pictures.

Alyssa and I went over last Monday to meet him for the first time and visit with the super proud Daddy & Mommy. Being cute is hard work, here is Harry having a big yawn.

Uncle Peter (the proud Daddy) and Harry.

Me holding Harry. It is hard to believe that Alyssa was that small just a year ago!

Alyssa meeting Harry. She's not too sure what to think of him (hey, that's not a dolly!) it is the first time she has met a brand new baby at her age.

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