Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bunny Ears!

Can this kid get any cuter?!?!? The idea was stolen, I admit it. Carley's adorable Easter pics of Olivia made me want to find a pair of Bunny Ears for Alyssa. We found them when we stopped in Moose Jaw at the Walmart to walk off some energy. Woohoo! We were so excited, and they were only $1.50! I had also bought some cute flower hair clips for Alyssa. Her hair is so long its down to her nose and i'm always on the look out for cute hair accessories for her. I'm holding off on cutting her hair, she'll look so grown up if I do. I don't want her to be a toddler yet.

Daddy and Alyssa on Easter morning. Daddy thought Aly's Ears were cool, so he had to try them on.

Can you imagine how embarrassed Alyssa will be when she grows up and her friends see this pic.

Just know Aly that your parents will always be kids at heart. And i'm sure you'll be an pro at rolling your eyeballs when we do silly stuff.

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