Friday, February 16, 2007

There Is No Stopping Her Now!

Cruisin' right along is our big girl Alyssa. She loves to check out the buttons on the DVD player, Cable Box, VCR and TV. She is also experimenting with holding on with one hand to bend down and pick up the things she's thrown off of the DVD player.

Her energy is wonderful and its fun to watch her test her limits. Unfortunately she's had a few tumbles and spills. One afternoon while Travis was laying on his side and she was walking up and down the length of him she saw a toy on the other side she wanted and launched herself over his body. Neither of us saw it coming because she was so fast, she ended up with a nice little goose egg and bruise on her forehead.

Alyssa moves from one end of the couch to the other with surprising speed. Yesterday she got very upset because she got to the end and wanted to get to me but didn't want to crawl. Once you give her a hand she will grab on tight and really wants to be able walk around. I'm sure in a couple of weeks she'll be trying to take steps all on her own. Yikes!!

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