Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Never A Dull Moment

Alyssa had her second tooth pop through a week and a half ago but as you can kind of see in the picture here it exploded up and is already half as big as the first which took over a month to come that far.

Did you notice something on the left side of Aly's forehead? Nope it isn't a shadow that's a honkin' bruise! She pulls herself up on everything including me while i'm standing in the kitchen. It was close to naptime and she was tired and slipped and fell on her head. Nothing a bag of frozen peas and some milk couldn't fix. As you can see Aly's in good spirits but boy do I feel bad.

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GingerSnap Photography said...

I LOVE this photo of her! She doesn't usually like too show those little teeth so great job getting a photo! Alyssa you are a cutie-patootie