Friday, February 23, 2007

Fraggle Rock!

Dance Your Cares Away
Worries for Another Day
Let the Music Play
Down in Fraggle Rock!

These are pics taken last week of the adorable Aly looking like a fraggle! Her hair is getting long and her barettes fall out because she moves around so much so I figured she'd like pigtails.

Travis was teasing me because I was wearing the same coloured shirt as Alyssa that day (totally NOT planned) and said I should do my hair like her too. Now it looks no where near as cute as her because my hair is so long and i'm just a tad too old to pull it off ha ha. But having a pic like this will hopefully remind me in years to come to always make time for being silly with my children.

1 comment:

Carley said...

You two look ADORABLE! She is totally a fraggle!