Friday, February 16, 2007


Things have been very busy around here the last month so unfortunately I haven't been keeping the blog updated with all of Aly's little adventures.

As many of you know I am starting a dayhome so that I can be at home with Alyssa. We are in the final stages of approval, there has been quite a bit of paperwork and a few childproofing additions to the house :)

I have been taking my Level 1 in Early Childhood Education at Bow Valley College on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and I have been loving it! While it is not manditory for me to have this certification as a dayhome provider its great knowledge to have and I've been trying to get into this course since I was a Nanny years ago. I was always on a waiting list because they give preference to those who worked in Daycares or who were going to be hired by a daycare.

All the clearance and safety checks will hopefully be wrapped up by the end of next week so i'll be able to start interviewing families and have a couple of kiddos in here by the beginning of March. My plan is to have 2 other children, ideally a 1 & 2 yrs old. This way Alyssa will be around other kids her age and approximate developement stage. I'm very confident this will be a great environment for her to flourish in and I'm excited to have other children here.

The above picture is one of our play spaces. Travis use to have his office here but it has been taken over by Alyssa and her toys. Its at the front of the house and the window has wonderful sunlight as you can see and we spend quite a bit of our day here playing.

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