Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Alyssa and Drake had a great visit and of course are so cute! Drake is 6 months, and bigger then Aly. Sorry hun, you have short parents if you want to grow you better dig down into the genetic pool to pull out some height.
She is a great mix of Travis and I but wow can you ever see that she has Trav's skin tone. She is gorgeous! I'm fairly light and little Drakey is pasty white next to her.
Take a look back in the November archives to see these two together when they were younger.

Never A Dull Moment

Alyssa had her second tooth pop through a week and a half ago but as you can kind of see in the picture here it exploded up and is already half as big as the first which took over a month to come that far.

Did you notice something on the left side of Aly's forehead? Nope it isn't a shadow that's a honkin' bruise! She pulls herself up on everything including me while i'm standing in the kitchen. It was close to naptime and she was tired and slipped and fell on her head. Nothing a bag of frozen peas and some milk couldn't fix. As you can see Aly's in good spirits but boy do I feel bad.

Mommy and Me

Here's a picture of Aly and I. She will actually walk with this all by herself but is more secure and stable on carpet so she's making sure i'm close by incase she takes a tumble.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Must be Lunch Time

While I was putting away groceries Alyssa found some of her baby food that I was planning on putting downstairs.

I got this picture of her trying to get into the jar, once she saw me she signed "eat" and started making a whole lot of racket. When she is hungry there is no messing around, if you don't get her fed she'll go into hysterics.

Alyssa has been doing very well with her signs. She can sign "eat" "more" "all done" "drink" "dog" and "book" We do signs for many things throughout our day, I can see that she is attempting to sign I know they will become clearer as her fine motor skills continue to develop.

First Batch of Wine

Travis' Christmas present is almost ready. Aly and I along with my parents and sister bought him a wine making kit.

On Family day Monday the wine was ready to be bottled, here is a picture of Aly helping her Daddy on Tuesday put the bottles in boxes so they can be sealed and laid on their sides to age for a while. We will eventually be getting a proper rack for the wine to lay on but now this works well enough.

Trav is thinking our next batch of wine will be a white so that we'll be well stocked for family and friend get togethers.

Up & Over

Here is a pic of our Monkey Alyssa who climbed up onto the box of diapers by herself and then spyed a toy she wanted and with no fear flung herself towards it. Good thing Daddy was there to spot her.

Fraggle Rock!

Dance Your Cares Away
Worries for Another Day
Let the Music Play
Down in Fraggle Rock!

These are pics taken last week of the adorable Aly looking like a fraggle! Her hair is getting long and her barettes fall out because she moves around so much so I figured she'd like pigtails.

Travis was teasing me because I was wearing the same coloured shirt as Alyssa that day (totally NOT planned) and said I should do my hair like her too. Now it looks no where near as cute as her because my hair is so long and i'm just a tad too old to pull it off ha ha. But having a pic like this will hopefully remind me in years to come to always make time for being silly with my children.

Friday, February 16, 2007

There Is No Stopping Her Now!

Cruisin' right along is our big girl Alyssa. She loves to check out the buttons on the DVD player, Cable Box, VCR and TV. She is also experimenting with holding on with one hand to bend down and pick up the things she's thrown off of the DVD player.

Her energy is wonderful and its fun to watch her test her limits. Unfortunately she's had a few tumbles and spills. One afternoon while Travis was laying on his side and she was walking up and down the length of him she saw a toy on the other side she wanted and launched herself over his body. Neither of us saw it coming because she was so fast, she ended up with a nice little goose egg and bruise on her forehead.

Alyssa moves from one end of the couch to the other with surprising speed. Yesterday she got very upset because she got to the end and wanted to get to me but didn't want to crawl. Once you give her a hand she will grab on tight and really wants to be able walk around. I'm sure in a couple of weeks she'll be trying to take steps all on her own. Yikes!!

Please Be My Valentine!

Super cute picture of Alyssa on Valentine's Day.

Doesn't it look like she is just begging you to be her Valentine :)

Also here is the Valentine that we made for Travis this year. When you pulled on the edges of the heart on the card it opened up to reveal two hearts and the adorable face of our little Sweetheart.

Pulling Up

Almost 3 weeks ago now Alyssa started pulling herself up onto her knees. 2 days after that she pulled herself up onto her feet and a few days after that she began side-stepping along whatever it was she was holding onto.

This picture was taken at our friends Ryan and Amanda's house. We were over for a nice afternoon visiting with a group of friends and their kids. Ryan and Amanda announced they are expecting their first child in July.

Our count is now at 5 babies being born between May and July this year. Wow! There must be something in the water :)


Things have been very busy around here the last month so unfortunately I haven't been keeping the blog updated with all of Aly's little adventures.

As many of you know I am starting a dayhome so that I can be at home with Alyssa. We are in the final stages of approval, there has been quite a bit of paperwork and a few childproofing additions to the house :)

I have been taking my Level 1 in Early Childhood Education at Bow Valley College on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and I have been loving it! While it is not manditory for me to have this certification as a dayhome provider its great knowledge to have and I've been trying to get into this course since I was a Nanny years ago. I was always on a waiting list because they give preference to those who worked in Daycares or who were going to be hired by a daycare.

All the clearance and safety checks will hopefully be wrapped up by the end of next week so i'll be able to start interviewing families and have a couple of kiddos in here by the beginning of March. My plan is to have 2 other children, ideally a 1 & 2 yrs old. This way Alyssa will be around other kids her age and approximate developement stage. I'm very confident this will be a great environment for her to flourish in and I'm excited to have other children here.

The above picture is one of our play spaces. Travis use to have his office here but it has been taken over by Alyssa and her toys. Its at the front of the house and the window has wonderful sunlight as you can see and we spend quite a bit of our day here playing.

Pics in Black & White Below

The pictures of Alyssa below were taken by Jenny ( at her and Uncle Peter's house. That day we stopped by for a short visit and then went out shopping with Jenny and our cousin baby boy bump :) We are looking forward to meeting him in the middle of May.

Gingersnap Photography