Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Pigtails Again

I just love this picture, her hair is getting long so I try and put pigtails or barrettes in whenever she'll let me.

Alyssa has such a wonderful little personality! She has definately been expressing herself more. Frustration seems to be the theme of the week, she's been working very hard on crawling on her hands and knees but can't seem to get her arms to cooperate. She'll rock back and forth in an attempt to get going then get annoyed and do a little leap frog manuver with her legs.
Sometimes she'll crawl backwards, when that happens WATCH OUT! she gets SO mad, red face, screaming, tears its a very dramatic episode.

It is pretty amazing to watch her explore and try to figure things out on her own. As she becomes increasingly mobile there will be more injuries sustained by her exploration, unfortunately there have already been a number of face plants. Alyssa has a hard time being in one spot for very long she just wants to stay on the move constantly.

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