Monday, January 29, 2007

Princess Alyssa

Alyssa was given a gift certificate to Toys R Us from her wonderful Uncle Al. One of the toys we bought on Friday was this castle. There is a King and Queen, Maid Marion, Robin Hood, a horse, 2 Unicorns and 2 dragons for Princess Alyssa to reign over. She has had a blast over the last few days playing with all these little people.

Pile O' Puppies

Last year was the Year of the Dog in the Chinese Zodiac and whether people realized it or not they gifted Alyssa with some very soft and cuddly puppies. The stuffed puppy on the far left was actually Travis' favorite stuffed animal as a boy. AboveI have a picture of this puppy and my very pregnant belly at 40 weeks.

Our Little Monkey

Alyssa has decided that she is ready to move beyond crawling. 4 days ago she pulled herself up onto her knees to check things out. This past saturday she pulled herself up onto her feet. Today after I changed her (on the floor because to change her on a raised surface is out of the question!) she crawled over to the change table, pulled herself onto her feet then put her leg on the bottom shelf in an attempt to climb. I'm floored! Is she going to decide to run instead of walk too? I guess this is what we get for nick- naming her monkey, she decided she really liked the idea.

Ruff! Ruff!

This is Alyssa's imitation of our dog Achilles. She watches her puppy wherever she goes and lately has taken to crawling after her. On occasion Achilles will drop her bone in front of Alyssa in an attempt to play with her. When I take the bone away so that Alyssa can't grab it she gets very upset with me, until I distract her with another toy :)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Story Time

Alyssa loves to have books read to her. So often she gets incredibly excited and waves her arms in the air and kicks her legs.

Before naptime and bedtime we always make room for story time. Don't try and put her down without a book because I swear she will cry in her crib and when you pick her up she'll try twisting out of your arms in the direction of her books.

Daddy is reading a Spot board book. Alyssa especially loves stories that have dogs in them, Spot, and Clifford are always a hit.

Back track

This is the first official picture of 2007. Taken shortly after midnight on New Years, champagne was poured, we toasted to a good year for us all and we highly enjoyed the company of some of our close friends.

First Tooth

Alyssa cut her first tooth at the beginning of January- Horray! We had a short break from the cranky kiddo, but it looks and feels like tooth number two is on its way.

This picture is of Alyssa hanging out in the excersaucer while I did some dishes. She has so much fun with the toys and music while she's in there.

Pigtails Again

I just love this picture, her hair is getting long so I try and put pigtails or barrettes in whenever she'll let me.

Alyssa has such a wonderful little personality! She has definately been expressing herself more. Frustration seems to be the theme of the week, she's been working very hard on crawling on her hands and knees but can't seem to get her arms to cooperate. She'll rock back and forth in an attempt to get going then get annoyed and do a little leap frog manuver with her legs.
Sometimes she'll crawl backwards, when that happens WATCH OUT! she gets SO mad, red face, screaming, tears its a very dramatic episode.

It is pretty amazing to watch her explore and try to figure things out on her own. As she becomes increasingly mobile there will be more injuries sustained by her exploration, unfortunately there have already been a number of face plants. Alyssa has a hard time being in one spot for very long she just wants to stay on the move constantly.

Monday, January 08, 2007

In Memory

Great Grandma Eileen passed away this weekend. I posted this picture because it is one of the best I have of Grandma. We're thankful that we got to visit with her before she left.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sitting Alone

This picture was taken with Alyssa facing away from me so that I could capture her sitting on her own. She can do it for a few minutes before she topples over. Alyssa also pushes herself from her side, up onto her straight arm. Its been exciting to watch her almost make it to a sitting position. How fast my baby is growing!

Happy New Year

Bring in the New Year, woohoo 2007! Here's the cutie with pigtails, they're hard to see because she was crawling towards me but they were SO CUTE!

Travis and I had an awesome night with close friends, I'll post a picture of us when I get it.


Alyssa has become a squealer over the last few weeks. It is really funny because she use to be very quiet.

Here's a cute picure of her after murdering her blueberries and rice cereal and squealing with delight.


Alyssa has been on the move crawling for a couple of weeks now. The first time she crawled was with Mommy and Daddy one morning, since then she doesn't want to stop. Her technique is pretty funny, she pulls with her arms and pushes with her left leg and just drags the right. LOL! Hilarious!

Crawling has made picture taking more difficult, every time she sees the camera come out she crawls towards it. More difficult is changing her, the change table is now dangerous 'cause Alyssa will kick and pull everything off of the top, flip over onto her belly and try and crawl away. I've taken to laying her on the ground, and pinning her down with one of my legs to get her diaper changed. The adventures continue :)

Christmas Day

Alyssa on Christmas morning among some of her new toys.

Christmas day was great, Travis, Alyssa and I had a calm morning. We had a hectic afternoon as we tidied up, and a fantastic evening.
Grandpa Jack, Nana April and Auntie Becca came for dinner and then Uncle Nick, Auntie Kim, Uncle Chad and his girlfriend Melissa came over after dinner to visit.

Oh Christmas Tree

A pretty picture of our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. The night was very enjoyable with Grandpa Ken, Grandma Eileen, Auntie Kyla and Uncle Dax. Alyssa got great presents and we all took so many pictures! There will definately be more to come.

All Smiles

Grandpa Jack, Nana April, Auntie Becca, Alyssa and I went to Heritage Park one afternoon for the 12 days of Christmas. It was a chilly day but it was a lot of fun walking around checking out the stores and old houses. Alyssa had her first hay ride, she really enjoyed watching the horses all decked out in jingle bells.

Who Me?

Alyssa is caught trying to open her present from Mommy and Daddy. This picture says it all, who me? it was like this when I found it :)