Saturday, November 24, 2007

Potty Practice

Alyssa is fasinated with the potty so we've begun the early stages of potty training. Every time she has her diaper changed we ask if she wants to try to go on the potty, more often then not she is more than happy to give it a try.

She is also telling us when she has a dirty diaper which is great and even though she doesn't always want it changed right away if we ask her to go and choose which diaper she wants to wear then she's off running to the bathroom. We use pampers and they have Sesame characters on them so she'll run to the bathroom saying "Elmo" or "Cooca" for cookie monster or "Grogo" for Grover- she's working hard on all her words.

Very important to wash your hands and Aly will try and wash her hands anytime she's in the bathroom. She does a pretty good job on her own, now she just needs a few more inches in height so she can reach the water to rinse.


Alyssa being silly and trying to ride one of the ponies we have :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Playing with Puppy

In the backyard playing with Daddy and Achilles after the first dusting of snow.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Happy Halloween

For Halloween I was a witch (the only thing I could come up with because of my big belly and wardrobe options) and Aly was my little kitty- for a while.

We did a bit of decorating for Halloween this year, spiders in the windows with yellow cellophane behind to make it glow yellow, some ghosts with some little fences that had skulls on them (they're at the bottom of the stairs) and a skeleton at the front door window. It was an age appropriate spooky house for Aly.

Our little kitty loved her pumpkin, but kept calling it an apple- lol!

"OoOOooooOo" Making some ghost sounds. She thought it was pretty funny and pointed to our ghosts out front.

We took Aly out to a few houses for her first trick- or- treat night but it was getting chilly and she didn't want to wear her kitty ears. Instead we dressed her up in winter gear and added her tiara and princess skirt that Grandma Eileen bought her.

Wow! Check out the excitement on her face as we dump out her bag of treats.

I think the highlight of the evening for her was her discovery of smarties! She had a box or two and was very happy with her stash of goodies.

New This Week....

Aly is always growing and changing and her personality just keeps us enthralled with her. Over the past couple of weeks she has begun to give hugs by putting her arms around our head or neck and pulling us close while saying HUG! And she has also picked up on the ever useful "Uh Oh!" which is probably the most adorable thing you'll ever hear. Aly has such a sweet little voice I look forward everyday to what she'll say next.

Beloved Bunny

Alyssa hugging her bunny, its the one toy she is very attached to. I got this bunny when I was working for telus, and it was the perfect size for her small little hands to hold and play with before she falls asleep every night.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

To Grandmother's House We Go....

Sunday evening a couple of weeks ago we were at Grandma Eileen's house for dinner. Pics are from in her garden with the remaining flowers of the year and from the park near her house.


Our little family at the park one night after dinner.

Having Fun

Alyssa having fun in the play room one afternoon with nothing on but her diaper- she's so funny!

She is always trying to touch the camera now, its driving me crazy!

Cheese! I wish I could have gotten that soother out of her mouth, there's a great smile hiding behind there I can see it!

I love this pic of her, she's pointing out baby's eyes, mouth, nose etc.

Washing dishes.

Getting dinner ready.