Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sugar and Spice

Do all of the pictures from this week's update look similar?
That's because I took them all on the same day, the same afternoon in fact. Alyssa had just woken from a nap and she was so happy and full of energy and attitude! I would've said full of shits and giggles but perhaps sugar and spice much more appropriate.

The last couple of weeks have been very busy as usual. Swim classes have gone well, I submerged Alyssa twice last week and she didn't mind it as much as before. She's also getting extremely good at raspberries, I'm not sure if its because of blowing bubbles at swim class or when Travis and I do it on her cheeks and belly at home but its becoming a favorite of hers.

When Alyssa gets very excited she often squeals with delight or she makes noises that sound like hahahaha. And peek-a-boo will always win you a smile these days. We have a few peek-a-boo, lift the flap, and touch and feel board books and Alyssa will actually fuss and full out cry if you try and read her a book that doesn't contain these. All hail Princess Alyssa!

I hope you enjoyed the update for this week, I promise i'll try and keep it up.

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