Sunday, December 10, 2006

I've created a Monster!

So the child who for a time hated the camera and just stared blankly at it or gave alittle frown has now turned into a little Diva everytime it comes out. Maybe its all the skirts and dresses I put her in?! I couldn't resist showing you all this picture of my little girl hamin' it up. Such personality in my little Gemi!

Alyssa is now very happy on her tummy trying to crawl to grab everything within sight. When she wakes up in her crib instead of laying there and crying for one of us to come get her she rolls around and is usually on her tummy pulling down bumper pad in an attempt to reach the rail of the crib. EEK! This kid just won't slow down, she wants to crawl and stand in order to be a part of what is going on around her. I tell her to take it easy, she's only 6 months old, she has plenty of time. But she already isn't listening to me, she's too busy being curious :)

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