Sunday, December 10, 2006

Home Made Christmas

I make most of the gifts we give at Christmas and even though trying to get it done with a 6 month old has been challenging this year is no different.

Alyssa is always on the move rolling around and working endlessly on trying to crawl. Since we have hardwood floors we've been putting down blankets to cushion her head because the execution of her mobility is becoming increasingly aggressive.

Alyssa is now able to push the coffee table so it will slide on the floor and allow her to roll more. This pic was taken after she pushed the coffee table, knocked off my Martha Stewart Magazine which just happened to be the Holiday eddition about hand making gifts. And much to my delight my daughter has the crafting bug already- this pictures is not staged! Alyssa opened the mag and Achilles came to lay beside her to check out what she was doing.

I took a few pictures of her going through the magazine and I'm thinking about sending one or two to the Martha Stewart show- Look Martha its your youngest fan!

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