Sunday, December 17, 2006


The ever moving Alyssa rolled herself under the tree for a better look. Good thing Travis and I decided to keep the lights and breakable ornaments alittle higher up away from little hands and paws.
The moose Alyssa nabbed is soft and has some jiggle bells on it, the perfect decoration to peak her interest.

Christmas morning is going to be a whole bunch of fun, i'm looking forward to it!

Monkey See Monkey Do

I've said it before, Alyssa is most happy when she's being included in what everyone else is doing. Now her teeth may not have broken through yet- this is my Christmas wish, put an end to the poor child's misery and the sleep deprived parents too! but Alyssa is getting practice every morning with me.

I didn't initiate this, it was all her. Grabbing for my toothbrush or the toothpaste, so I gave her her own. What else would we expect from our little genius, she's way ahead of the game.

I'm highly amused by the fact that she'll mimics me in every way, after a minute she'll take the toothbrush out of her mouth and look into the sink and I swear I've heard her blow a raspberry- the kid is trying to spit!

I'm very happy my little shadow is enjoying learning about the world around her, and getting healthy dental habits in the process.

Ooh Pretty!

This picture was taken with Alyssa sitting in her bumbo chair in front of our tree. She loves watching the coloured lights flicker. With it being her first Christmas she will surely be amused by the endless light displays, wrapping paper, tissue paper and boxes. Oh and she might show some interest in the toys found in the boxes, at least for a minute or two. hehe!

The Cards are done at last!

This week I finally got the last of the Christmas cards out. Every year I send out handmade Christmas cards, I honestly think this may be the last. It is a lot of work and time, this year our list was around 70 and that is not including everyone.

Anyway, I wanted those of you interested to see just some of the designs I sent out. I can get very bored with making the same card over and over so I usually like to come up with a design that I'll be happy replicating 10 or 20 times. Due to the high number I did this year, the designs were quite simple but I think they're very pretty and elegant.

If you received a card this year I hope you like it. Happy Holidays!

Decorating for Christmas

Wow another week has flown by! Can you believe its almost Christmas?!?! Last Sunday evening our little family put up the tree before Alyssa went to bed. After she went down Travis and I turned on the BE ALL and END ALL of Christmas movies- National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and decorated our Christmas tree.

When Alyssa woke up the next morning her eyes were HUGE when she saw the tree with all the lights and ornaments. She would stare open mouthed at the tree then look at me and grin from ear to ear, then look back at the tree, then back at me- it was very cute!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sugar and Spice

Do all of the pictures from this week's update look similar?
That's because I took them all on the same day, the same afternoon in fact. Alyssa had just woken from a nap and she was so happy and full of energy and attitude! I would've said full of shits and giggles but perhaps sugar and spice much more appropriate.

The last couple of weeks have been very busy as usual. Swim classes have gone well, I submerged Alyssa twice last week and she didn't mind it as much as before. She's also getting extremely good at raspberries, I'm not sure if its because of blowing bubbles at swim class or when Travis and I do it on her cheeks and belly at home but its becoming a favorite of hers.

When Alyssa gets very excited she often squeals with delight or she makes noises that sound like hahahaha. And peek-a-boo will always win you a smile these days. We have a few peek-a-boo, lift the flap, and touch and feel board books and Alyssa will actually fuss and full out cry if you try and read her a book that doesn't contain these. All hail Princess Alyssa!

I hope you enjoyed the update for this week, I promise i'll try and keep it up.

I've created a Monster!

So the child who for a time hated the camera and just stared blankly at it or gave alittle frown has now turned into a little Diva everytime it comes out. Maybe its all the skirts and dresses I put her in?! I couldn't resist showing you all this picture of my little girl hamin' it up. Such personality in my little Gemi!

Alyssa is now very happy on her tummy trying to crawl to grab everything within sight. When she wakes up in her crib instead of laying there and crying for one of us to come get her she rolls around and is usually on her tummy pulling down bumper pad in an attempt to reach the rail of the crib. EEK! This kid just won't slow down, she wants to crawl and stand in order to be a part of what is going on around her. I tell her to take it easy, she's only 6 months old, she has plenty of time. But she already isn't listening to me, she's too busy being curious :)

Home Made Christmas

I make most of the gifts we give at Christmas and even though trying to get it done with a 6 month old has been challenging this year is no different.

Alyssa is always on the move rolling around and working endlessly on trying to crawl. Since we have hardwood floors we've been putting down blankets to cushion her head because the execution of her mobility is becoming increasingly aggressive.

Alyssa is now able to push the coffee table so it will slide on the floor and allow her to roll more. This pic was taken after she pushed the coffee table, knocked off my Martha Stewart Magazine which just happened to be the Holiday eddition about hand making gifts. And much to my delight my daughter has the crafting bug already- this pictures is not staged! Alyssa opened the mag and Achilles came to lay beside her to check out what she was doing.

I took a few pictures of her going through the magazine and I'm thinking about sending one or two to the Martha Stewart show- Look Martha its your youngest fan!


I'm sure you will read and hear me saying this many times over the years but I can't help it.... Alyssa is HILARIOUS! She is an endless source of entertainment and i'm sure she'll only get funnier as she grows.

We heard it the first time over a week ago, Travis and I were in the middle of a conversation sweetly teasing each other and bickering about something with Alyssa cooing and making different noises and then right in the middle she says HUH? At least that is what it sounded like, since Trav and I were talking it was like she missed something one of us had said and needed clarification. It was so funny! Since then we've heard it a few times, and it just cracks us up!