Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What could be cuter?

Alyssa's First Halloween, pic taken last tuesday. She was a great sport while Travis took pictures.

As many of you know she hardly ever smiles for pictures anymore she's interested in the light and noise the camera makes so she just stares. In order to pull off this shot I had to jump around and sing like a complete goof, it was well worth it I'll act like a moron anytime we can get more pics like this.

Alyssa enjoyed watching the kids come to the door, she was quite a hit herself all dressed up. It wasn't long until she started to nod off and instead of being a good Mom and putting her to bed I rocked her in hopes she would fully fall asleep. But my plans were thwarted by Achilles who spotted some munchkins headed to our door and began barking like a crazy dog. Alyssa's popped open, she cried and all my Anne Geddi inspired ideas with sleeping Alyssa I had been planning were sadly never going to happen. Oh well, we got great pics of her awake.


Nana said...

Great family shot!!

Nana said...

Great family photo! The Blog is a neat idea. Thanks for creating it and we look forward to checking on Alyssa's antics frequently.