Sunday, November 19, 2006

Weekend In Review

Saturday- Alyssa, Nana, Auntie Becca and I went down to the Art Market at the Telus Convention center. We walked around and got to see some of the most wonderful artisans! All kinds of great creations we had a lovely afternoon. What would a crafty afternoon be without a few new stamps :) teehee. Actually they are from one of my favorite places. The Old Island Stamp company is a good ol' Canadian company from Salt Spring Island B.C. Most of their images are created by the local artists- way cute! I also bought up a very pretty 5 x 7 print of two fairies for Alyssa's room, ordered an animal critter name frame where the letters of her name are shaped animals and picked up some fun new magnets for the fridge.
Sunday- Travis finished working on the car, WooHoo we have joined the Civic Nation! Alyssa's 2000 black honda civic is in working condition thanks to the hard work of Grandpa Ken and Daddy. Now our family has a reliable car and hopefully Alyssa and Achilles will be able to share the backseat without too much trouble.
Alyssa went to her first car wash with the truck that we've been borrowing. I had to talk her through the whole thing, she was alittle scared by the loud noises. As long as I was talking she'd look out the window eyes wide and then back at me and smile, she startled a couple of times as some of the cleaning machines went by but all was well in the end.

Every day Alyssa is presented with so many new experiences, it must be so exciting to live like that. I'd like to recapture some of that innocence and sense of awe in the world around me. I think it is time for a trip out of town, the mountains always put me in the right frame of mind- Beauty and Peaceful Stillness- it would be great before the holiday hoopla.

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