Sunday, November 19, 2006

Week In Review

Monday- a holiday for Trav so we spent the day hanging out and then out to dinner to celebrate his birthday with some family.
Tuesday- Auntie Becca came over to visit Alyssa and then work on her french and gab about photography with me after Aly went to bed. Now I don't pretend to know alot of french but Becca is off to Quebec with her some of her classmates at the end of the year and so we're working on it once a week together. We also are taking time to learn more about digital photography, an important thing to develop and grow when you're a scrapbooker. Especially when you have as lively and adorable a subject as Alyssa.
Wednesday- our weekly Swim Class, fun as always. Songs, games and Alyssa falling asleep before we even make it out of the building :)
Thursday- Doctor appointment. Alyssa shows great growth and weight gain. She is now 15lbs! Always inquisitive she spent the entire time looking around and wanting to touch everthing. While the Doc was holding her she grabbed his stethascope and showed off with her strength of grip :) After the Doctor's we headed over for an afternoon visit with my dear friend Dawn. She just had her third child October 24th baby Kayla. Her son Mason is almost 4 and other daughter Sadie is almost 18months. Alyssa has so much fun being around Mason and Sadie. They are great kids and entertain her to no end, she can't interact as much as they'd like yet but give her another few months and i'm sure she'll be crawling after them.
Friday- Alyssa's night with the boys! Ryan and Travis hung out on Friday night and looked after Alyssa while I went and made cards at my friend Rose's house. The guys took Aly for a drive to Memory Express to pick up some computer thingy (that's the technical term) And from all accounts she enjoyed it as much as I would have (she slept entire outing) I had a great evening at Rose's and got a few of my Christmas cards designed. Stay tuned because I will be showing pictures of those later this week.

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