Thursday, November 09, 2006

Star Fish

Alyssa had her first swimming lesson on Wednesday morning. She is in the starfish group for babies 4-9 months old at the Rec center near our house.

This wasn't her first time in the pool, she'd been swimming at the hotel in Saskatoon while we were there for the karate Nationals during the long weekend in October.

Alyssa loves being in the water, she splashed around with the other little ones and was all smiles and giggles as we learned some fun new songs to sing.

I have to admit this photo of her in her bathing suit was staged. I had planned to take one before swim class but she just wouldn't stay still she was so full of energy and at the end of class she was so fussy that as soon as I had her dressed and in her car seat she was falling asleep LOL!

She had so much fun that I think I may even take her once a week during an open pool time. Then maybe Travis can come too.

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