Sunday, November 12, 2006

New Sounds

Sounds are increasingly becoming more important and interesting to Alyssa.

MMMmmmm is one of Alyssa's new favorite sounds, she starts to do it when she's really tired. She'll bestow lots of smiles to you if you make this or any other humming noises with her. There is also a new cough used to get attention or when she's hungry and you aren't going fast enough.

Saturday was a nice day. We hung around the house as a family and did some cleaning. Dax and Kyla with their puppy Mikka came over for dinner that evening. Since Alyssa eats earlier she sat in her highchair at the table while we ate and she played and gummed a few rice crackers. It is the first time that she's sat at the table while we've had company for dinner and she did really well. Alyssa is most content when she can be up and included in what everyone else is doing.

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