Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Big Girl

After her supper Alyssa loves to take a few sips of water from her sippy cup while she munches on a rice cracker. Ok, she doesn't really munch it, just mouths and sucks on it. We're still on the look out for a gluten free baby cookie she can have- something similar to arrowroot cookies.

It is so cute to watch her use the sippy cup, its still a bit big for her so she sometimes needs help but every day she gets more co-ordinated with it. The downside to this new discovery of the sippy cup is Alyssa sometimes thinks she should be able to nurse the same way- sitting up and using both hands to bring her bevi to her mouth. This has left poor Mommy with scratches and explanations that fall on un-comprehending ears.
Since Travis has been doing well after eliminating gluten from his diet we have decided to keep Alyssa off of gluten until she is a year old. At that time we'll be able to better see and access a possible sensitivity or an intolerance like Travis has.

Making our home completely gluten free has been a bit of an adjustment. Rice breads and rice pasta will never be the same but both Travis and I have enjoyed experimenting with recipes. Our breads are good, the homemade pizza is great, the brownies and homemade vanilla ice cream is awesome (thanks to our fabulous cousins who bought us the ice cream maker as a wedding gift!) and we have plans to expand our culinary knowledge and become more daring with different spices. I'll let you know how our focaccia bread turns out.

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