Sunday, November 19, 2006

Music to My Ears

Alyssa loves playing in her exersaucer. This just happens to be the Baby Einstein version, it is very colourful and has plenty for her to play with. Best of all is the music it plays. In the picture she is looking at the music disk. It has 5 buttons that have pictures of animals- a duck, puppy, kitty, cow and lion. When you first hit one of the buttons it makes the sound of the animal, when you touch it a second time there is a short piece of music that plays.

This picture is of Alyssa doing alittle dance to her music. We listen to all kinds of music throughout the day, we sing songs and sometimes make up silly lyrics in place of the ones i've forgotten.
It makes me happy that Alyssa enjoys music as much as Travis and I do. It'll definately make it easier when we go on road trips and she has to put up with her parents beltin' out the tunes. Hopefully she'll just join right in.

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