Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mama's Little Helper

Toys are really taking a back seat right now. Alyssa would much rather be holding the t.v remote (Daddy reminds her to not get too use to that) the telephone (Mama can't have a conversation without a little wrestling match for control) If we have it, she wants it. I laugh because I know it is just a sign of things to come. One of the positives to this is that she is perfectly happy getting toted around with me as I do chores and errands.

This picture is of Alyssa sitting in her bumbo chair ontop of the dryer. While I change the loads of laundry Alyssa watches and if she's feeling particularily helpful I'll hold her while she picks up some of her clothes and drops them into the washer. As with everything else I explain to her what we're doing and she's already been given the talk on the proper separation of clothes. Alyssa is quite naughty when it comes to folding and putting away- she'd rather knock over the stack of clean shirts and chew on socks. ha ha.

Occasionally she'll even "sweep" a part of the living room floor for me. Since Alyssa is a rolling machine she will roll off of her play mat or the blanket and once on the hardwood she'll sometimes stay on her back and use her feet to push and skootch around inevitably collecting puppy hair as she goes. After a little tour she'll roll onto her tummy, use her hands to move herself around to face the direction she wants and she'll take off rolling again. Alyssa fits right in with other members of the family who can't seem to sit still for even a minute :)

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