Sunday, November 12, 2006

Keep on Rollin'

Friday was a great day. My friend Deb does cranio sacral therapy and came for a visit Friday morning during Alyssa's nap I got a treatment.

Wow! It was incredible! If you have never tried it I strongly encourage you to at least once. I will be saving up to take level one of this course sometime next year. The hour Deb spent with me was just what I needed to feel reconnected and rejuvenated.

Alyssa was very busy Friday afternoon. For a couple of months now she has been rolling. She started going to the right from her back to her tummy then tummy to back. Alyssa has discovered she can now roll to the left from her back to her tummy, so now its the only way she wants to roll!
There was a very funny joke our friend Carol made in reference to the movie "Zoolander", I thought of it and smiled everytime Alyssa attempted to roll left. I'll miss that now. Crazy how fast they grow and change. Every day is new and exciting and I never know what tomorrow will bring. Travis and I have often laughed and said we could cancel the cable because she is so entertaining.

Alyssa you are an absolute joy in our lives, we love so much watching you learn and explore the world around you.

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