Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Jeepers Creepers

Wow! This munchkin is on the go! Put her on the ground and she won't stay still.

Alyssa is working on the beginnings of crawling. She has been creeping for some time now but in the last week or two she has really expressed interest in crawling. She is very strong and will push up on her toes and gets her knees right up underneath of herself. She reaches for toys infront of her and tries so hard to co-ordinate her arm and leg movement to propel her forward.

Alyssa does well in inching herself up to finally get that toy but she is still alittle top heavy with that head of hers and this has resulted in a couple of face plants into the floor- Ouch! With her increasing interest and determination I can see her crawling by Christmas and getting into all the presents.

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