Sunday, November 12, 2006

Happy Birthday!

This picture was taken this morning as Alyssa woke her Daddy up to be the first to say Happy Birthday!!

We headed out just before noon to Toys R Us to do some Christmas shopping for Alyssa. There were some great deals and we found a few gifts that'll she'll love. We know because we brought her with us and she was very helpful in showing us what interested her.

For dinner we made our first Wheat free pizza which turned out pretty darn good. A little bit of tweaking and next time it'll be perfect. The one very hard thing is that any meat like Pepperoni contains ingredients he can't have, so we used some mild italian sausage which was an acceptable subsitute, then loaded the pizza with veggies. Tomorrow afternoon we might try making some pasta, we've been contemplating ravioli so we can freeze some for quick dinners during the week. Our little family makes a good cooking team- I'm in charge of reading the directions, Travis is the mixer and Alyssa holds our measuring cups and spoons for us.

Travis has just headed out with his buddy Al to see the movie the Departed with Al Pacino and Matt Damon. I hear its a great movie but really gory, the guys will love it.

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