Sunday, December 17, 2006


The ever moving Alyssa rolled herself under the tree for a better look. Good thing Travis and I decided to keep the lights and breakable ornaments alittle higher up away from little hands and paws.
The moose Alyssa nabbed is soft and has some jiggle bells on it, the perfect decoration to peak her interest.

Christmas morning is going to be a whole bunch of fun, i'm looking forward to it!

Monkey See Monkey Do

I've said it before, Alyssa is most happy when she's being included in what everyone else is doing. Now her teeth may not have broken through yet- this is my Christmas wish, put an end to the poor child's misery and the sleep deprived parents too! but Alyssa is getting practice every morning with me.

I didn't initiate this, it was all her. Grabbing for my toothbrush or the toothpaste, so I gave her her own. What else would we expect from our little genius, she's way ahead of the game.

I'm highly amused by the fact that she'll mimics me in every way, after a minute she'll take the toothbrush out of her mouth and look into the sink and I swear I've heard her blow a raspberry- the kid is trying to spit!

I'm very happy my little shadow is enjoying learning about the world around her, and getting healthy dental habits in the process.

Ooh Pretty!

This picture was taken with Alyssa sitting in her bumbo chair in front of our tree. She loves watching the coloured lights flicker. With it being her first Christmas she will surely be amused by the endless light displays, wrapping paper, tissue paper and boxes. Oh and she might show some interest in the toys found in the boxes, at least for a minute or two. hehe!

The Cards are done at last!

This week I finally got the last of the Christmas cards out. Every year I send out handmade Christmas cards, I honestly think this may be the last. It is a lot of work and time, this year our list was around 70 and that is not including everyone.

Anyway, I wanted those of you interested to see just some of the designs I sent out. I can get very bored with making the same card over and over so I usually like to come up with a design that I'll be happy replicating 10 or 20 times. Due to the high number I did this year, the designs were quite simple but I think they're very pretty and elegant.

If you received a card this year I hope you like it. Happy Holidays!

Decorating for Christmas

Wow another week has flown by! Can you believe its almost Christmas?!?! Last Sunday evening our little family put up the tree before Alyssa went to bed. After she went down Travis and I turned on the BE ALL and END ALL of Christmas movies- National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and decorated our Christmas tree.

When Alyssa woke up the next morning her eyes were HUGE when she saw the tree with all the lights and ornaments. She would stare open mouthed at the tree then look at me and grin from ear to ear, then look back at the tree, then back at me- it was very cute!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sugar and Spice

Do all of the pictures from this week's update look similar?
That's because I took them all on the same day, the same afternoon in fact. Alyssa had just woken from a nap and she was so happy and full of energy and attitude! I would've said full of shits and giggles but perhaps sugar and spice much more appropriate.

The last couple of weeks have been very busy as usual. Swim classes have gone well, I submerged Alyssa twice last week and she didn't mind it as much as before. She's also getting extremely good at raspberries, I'm not sure if its because of blowing bubbles at swim class or when Travis and I do it on her cheeks and belly at home but its becoming a favorite of hers.

When Alyssa gets very excited she often squeals with delight or she makes noises that sound like hahahaha. And peek-a-boo will always win you a smile these days. We have a few peek-a-boo, lift the flap, and touch and feel board books and Alyssa will actually fuss and full out cry if you try and read her a book that doesn't contain these. All hail Princess Alyssa!

I hope you enjoyed the update for this week, I promise i'll try and keep it up.

I've created a Monster!

So the child who for a time hated the camera and just stared blankly at it or gave alittle frown has now turned into a little Diva everytime it comes out. Maybe its all the skirts and dresses I put her in?! I couldn't resist showing you all this picture of my little girl hamin' it up. Such personality in my little Gemi!

Alyssa is now very happy on her tummy trying to crawl to grab everything within sight. When she wakes up in her crib instead of laying there and crying for one of us to come get her she rolls around and is usually on her tummy pulling down bumper pad in an attempt to reach the rail of the crib. EEK! This kid just won't slow down, she wants to crawl and stand in order to be a part of what is going on around her. I tell her to take it easy, she's only 6 months old, she has plenty of time. But she already isn't listening to me, she's too busy being curious :)

Home Made Christmas

I make most of the gifts we give at Christmas and even though trying to get it done with a 6 month old has been challenging this year is no different.

Alyssa is always on the move rolling around and working endlessly on trying to crawl. Since we have hardwood floors we've been putting down blankets to cushion her head because the execution of her mobility is becoming increasingly aggressive.

Alyssa is now able to push the coffee table so it will slide on the floor and allow her to roll more. This pic was taken after she pushed the coffee table, knocked off my Martha Stewart Magazine which just happened to be the Holiday eddition about hand making gifts. And much to my delight my daughter has the crafting bug already- this pictures is not staged! Alyssa opened the mag and Achilles came to lay beside her to check out what she was doing.

I took a few pictures of her going through the magazine and I'm thinking about sending one or two to the Martha Stewart show- Look Martha its your youngest fan!


I'm sure you will read and hear me saying this many times over the years but I can't help it.... Alyssa is HILARIOUS! She is an endless source of entertainment and i'm sure she'll only get funnier as she grows.

We heard it the first time over a week ago, Travis and I were in the middle of a conversation sweetly teasing each other and bickering about something with Alyssa cooing and making different noises and then right in the middle she says HUH? At least that is what it sounded like, since Trav and I were talking it was like she missed something one of us had said and needed clarification. It was so funny! Since then we've heard it a few times, and it just cracks us up!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Jeepers Creepers

Wow! This munchkin is on the go! Put her on the ground and she won't stay still.

Alyssa is working on the beginnings of crawling. She has been creeping for some time now but in the last week or two she has really expressed interest in crawling. She is very strong and will push up on her toes and gets her knees right up underneath of herself. She reaches for toys infront of her and tries so hard to co-ordinate her arm and leg movement to propel her forward.

Alyssa does well in inching herself up to finally get that toy but she is still alittle top heavy with that head of hers and this has resulted in a couple of face plants into the floor- Ouch! With her increasing interest and determination I can see her crawling by Christmas and getting into all the presents.


I thought that this attitude didn't kick in until she turned two. LOL! Alyssa feels she is entitled to have and hold anything you have.

This picture was taken as she was trying to grab the camera away from me, as you can see she is completely frustrated that she can't get at it.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Big Girl

After her supper Alyssa loves to take a few sips of water from her sippy cup while she munches on a rice cracker. Ok, she doesn't really munch it, just mouths and sucks on it. We're still on the look out for a gluten free baby cookie she can have- something similar to arrowroot cookies.

It is so cute to watch her use the sippy cup, its still a bit big for her so she sometimes needs help but every day she gets more co-ordinated with it. The downside to this new discovery of the sippy cup is Alyssa sometimes thinks she should be able to nurse the same way- sitting up and using both hands to bring her bevi to her mouth. This has left poor Mommy with scratches and explanations that fall on un-comprehending ears.
Since Travis has been doing well after eliminating gluten from his diet we have decided to keep Alyssa off of gluten until she is a year old. At that time we'll be able to better see and access a possible sensitivity or an intolerance like Travis has.

Making our home completely gluten free has been a bit of an adjustment. Rice breads and rice pasta will never be the same but both Travis and I have enjoyed experimenting with recipes. Our breads are good, the homemade pizza is great, the brownies and homemade vanilla ice cream is awesome (thanks to our fabulous cousins who bought us the ice cream maker as a wedding gift!) and we have plans to expand our culinary knowledge and become more daring with different spices. I'll let you know how our focaccia bread turns out.

A Look Back......

Last week on November 21st Alyssa turned 6 months old. Can you believe it?! Where has the time gone?

This picture was taken by Uncle Dax and Auntie Kyla with their new camera when Alyssa was only 3 days old. It is still one of my very favorites. The bunny was given to her by Auntie Becca and she loves to cuddle with it as she goes to sleep.

These past 6 months have been some of the very best of my life. To feel her grow inside and then see grow infront of me has been a very spiritual experience. Alyssa is the physical manifestation of the love that Travis and I have for one another and it is a true insight into the miracle and essence of what life is about.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Weekend In Review

Saturday- Alyssa, Nana, Auntie Becca and I went down to the Art Market at the Telus Convention center. We walked around and got to see some of the most wonderful artisans! All kinds of great creations we had a lovely afternoon. What would a crafty afternoon be without a few new stamps :) teehee. Actually they are from one of my favorite places. The Old Island Stamp company is a good ol' Canadian company from Salt Spring Island B.C. Most of their images are created by the local artists- way cute! I also bought up a very pretty 5 x 7 print of two fairies for Alyssa's room, ordered an animal critter name frame where the letters of her name are shaped animals and picked up some fun new magnets for the fridge.
Sunday- Travis finished working on the car, WooHoo we have joined the Civic Nation! Alyssa's 2000 black honda civic is in working condition thanks to the hard work of Grandpa Ken and Daddy. Now our family has a reliable car and hopefully Alyssa and Achilles will be able to share the backseat without too much trouble.
Alyssa went to her first car wash with the truck that we've been borrowing. I had to talk her through the whole thing, she was alittle scared by the loud noises. As long as I was talking she'd look out the window eyes wide and then back at me and smile, she startled a couple of times as some of the cleaning machines went by but all was well in the end.

Every day Alyssa is presented with so many new experiences, it must be so exciting to live like that. I'd like to recapture some of that innocence and sense of awe in the world around me. I think it is time for a trip out of town, the mountains always put me in the right frame of mind- Beauty and Peaceful Stillness- it would be great before the holiday hoopla.

Week In Review

Monday- a holiday for Trav so we spent the day hanging out and then out to dinner to celebrate his birthday with some family.
Tuesday- Auntie Becca came over to visit Alyssa and then work on her french and gab about photography with me after Aly went to bed. Now I don't pretend to know alot of french but Becca is off to Quebec with her some of her classmates at the end of the year and so we're working on it once a week together. We also are taking time to learn more about digital photography, an important thing to develop and grow when you're a scrapbooker. Especially when you have as lively and adorable a subject as Alyssa.
Wednesday- our weekly Swim Class, fun as always. Songs, games and Alyssa falling asleep before we even make it out of the building :)
Thursday- Doctor appointment. Alyssa shows great growth and weight gain. She is now 15lbs! Always inquisitive she spent the entire time looking around and wanting to touch everthing. While the Doc was holding her she grabbed his stethascope and showed off with her strength of grip :) After the Doctor's we headed over for an afternoon visit with my dear friend Dawn. She just had her third child October 24th baby Kayla. Her son Mason is almost 4 and other daughter Sadie is almost 18months. Alyssa has so much fun being around Mason and Sadie. They are great kids and entertain her to no end, she can't interact as much as they'd like yet but give her another few months and i'm sure she'll be crawling after them.
Friday- Alyssa's night with the boys! Ryan and Travis hung out on Friday night and looked after Alyssa while I went and made cards at my friend Rose's house. The guys took Aly for a drive to Memory Express to pick up some computer thingy (that's the technical term) And from all accounts she enjoyed it as much as I would have (she slept entire outing) I had a great evening at Rose's and got a few of my Christmas cards designed. Stay tuned because I will be showing pictures of those later this week.

Best Intentions

I had the very best of intentions. I really wanted to update the blog every couple of days, the problem is there are not enough hours in the day. Anyone know who I can talk to about that?
I hope that you will all settle for me doing several blog entries at least once a week.

In this pic Alyssa had a rough night being up several times the night before- she looks how I feel after this week. LOL!

Mama's Little Helper

Toys are really taking a back seat right now. Alyssa would much rather be holding the t.v remote (Daddy reminds her to not get too use to that) the telephone (Mama can't have a conversation without a little wrestling match for control) If we have it, she wants it. I laugh because I know it is just a sign of things to come. One of the positives to this is that she is perfectly happy getting toted around with me as I do chores and errands.

This picture is of Alyssa sitting in her bumbo chair ontop of the dryer. While I change the loads of laundry Alyssa watches and if she's feeling particularily helpful I'll hold her while she picks up some of her clothes and drops them into the washer. As with everything else I explain to her what we're doing and she's already been given the talk on the proper separation of clothes. Alyssa is quite naughty when it comes to folding and putting away- she'd rather knock over the stack of clean shirts and chew on socks. ha ha.

Occasionally she'll even "sweep" a part of the living room floor for me. Since Alyssa is a rolling machine she will roll off of her play mat or the blanket and once on the hardwood she'll sometimes stay on her back and use her feet to push and skootch around inevitably collecting puppy hair as she goes. After a little tour she'll roll onto her tummy, use her hands to move herself around to face the direction she wants and she'll take off rolling again. Alyssa fits right in with other members of the family who can't seem to sit still for even a minute :)

Music to My Ears

Alyssa loves playing in her exersaucer. This just happens to be the Baby Einstein version, it is very colourful and has plenty for her to play with. Best of all is the music it plays. In the picture she is looking at the music disk. It has 5 buttons that have pictures of animals- a duck, puppy, kitty, cow and lion. When you first hit one of the buttons it makes the sound of the animal, when you touch it a second time there is a short piece of music that plays.

This picture is of Alyssa doing alittle dance to her music. We listen to all kinds of music throughout the day, we sing songs and sometimes make up silly lyrics in place of the ones i've forgotten.
It makes me happy that Alyssa enjoys music as much as Travis and I do. It'll definately make it easier when we go on road trips and she has to put up with her parents beltin' out the tunes. Hopefully she'll just join right in.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Happy Birthday!

This picture was taken this morning as Alyssa woke her Daddy up to be the first to say Happy Birthday!!

We headed out just before noon to Toys R Us to do some Christmas shopping for Alyssa. There were some great deals and we found a few gifts that'll she'll love. We know because we brought her with us and she was very helpful in showing us what interested her.

For dinner we made our first Wheat free pizza which turned out pretty darn good. A little bit of tweaking and next time it'll be perfect. The one very hard thing is that any meat like Pepperoni contains ingredients he can't have, so we used some mild italian sausage which was an acceptable subsitute, then loaded the pizza with veggies. Tomorrow afternoon we might try making some pasta, we've been contemplating ravioli so we can freeze some for quick dinners during the week. Our little family makes a good cooking team- I'm in charge of reading the directions, Travis is the mixer and Alyssa holds our measuring cups and spoons for us.

Travis has just headed out with his buddy Al to see the movie the Departed with Al Pacino and Matt Damon. I hear its a great movie but really gory, the guys will love it.

New Sounds

Sounds are increasingly becoming more important and interesting to Alyssa.

MMMmmmm is one of Alyssa's new favorite sounds, she starts to do it when she's really tired. She'll bestow lots of smiles to you if you make this or any other humming noises with her. There is also a new cough used to get attention or when she's hungry and you aren't going fast enough.

Saturday was a nice day. We hung around the house as a family and did some cleaning. Dax and Kyla with their puppy Mikka came over for dinner that evening. Since Alyssa eats earlier she sat in her highchair at the table while we ate and she played and gummed a few rice crackers. It is the first time that she's sat at the table while we've had company for dinner and she did really well. Alyssa is most content when she can be up and included in what everyone else is doing.

Keep on Rollin'

Friday was a great day. My friend Deb does cranio sacral therapy and came for a visit Friday morning during Alyssa's nap I got a treatment.

Wow! It was incredible! If you have never tried it I strongly encourage you to at least once. I will be saving up to take level one of this course sometime next year. The hour Deb spent with me was just what I needed to feel reconnected and rejuvenated.

Alyssa was very busy Friday afternoon. For a couple of months now she has been rolling. She started going to the right from her back to her tummy then tummy to back. Alyssa has discovered she can now roll to the left from her back to her tummy, so now its the only way she wants to roll!
There was a very funny joke our friend Carol made in reference to the movie "Zoolander", I thought of it and smiled everytime Alyssa attempted to roll left. I'll miss that now. Crazy how fast they grow and change. Every day is new and exciting and I never know what tomorrow will bring. Travis and I have often laughed and said we could cancel the cable because she is so entertaining.

Alyssa you are an absolute joy in our lives, we love so much watching you learn and explore the world around you.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


This is Alyssa's friend Drake who is almost 12 weeks old. He came to visit with his Mommy, my friend, another fabulous Michelle :)

There really is a golden aura of greatness around those named Michelle. Maybe it has something to do with the Beatles using the name for a song, you have to be really worthy of that kind of attention. ha ha I crack myself up. Anyway....

Drake and Alyssa were so good in the chair together as I took picture after picture. It was a nice afternoon trying to cram in as much gab time as possible.

Michelle and I discussed entering the Creating Keepsakes magazine Hall of Fame contest. Its for scrapbook pages, there are so many that you have to design within their guidelines and then your own personal favs. It would be alot of fun to do and great support for us each getting some personal pages completed. One of my goals for the new year is to get up enough guts to start submitting my work to these contests whether it be my scrapbook pages or the cards that i've designed.

Star Fish

Alyssa had her first swimming lesson on Wednesday morning. She is in the starfish group for babies 4-9 months old at the Rec center near our house.

This wasn't her first time in the pool, she'd been swimming at the hotel in Saskatoon while we were there for the karate Nationals during the long weekend in October.

Alyssa loves being in the water, she splashed around with the other little ones and was all smiles and giggles as we learned some fun new songs to sing.

I have to admit this photo of her in her bathing suit was staged. I had planned to take one before swim class but she just wouldn't stay still she was so full of energy and at the end of class she was so fussy that as soon as I had her dressed and in her car seat she was falling asleep LOL!

She had so much fun that I think I may even take her once a week during an open pool time. Then maybe Travis can come too.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Social Butterfly

This last weekend has been very busy for Alyssa- what else is new?! Saturday night Travis had some friends over for Poker while the girls hung out upstairs with Strawberry Daquiri's Yum!
Alyssa stayed up quite a bit past her usual bed time something i'm sure she'll continue to do whenever there's a girls night here.

Sunday we went with Auntie Becca down to the stampede grounds and checked out the Pet Expo. Alyssa definately had fun watching the animals, and couldn't take her eyes off of the kittens doing a small agility course.

Monday was busy as well, our cousins came for a visit. Kelly brought Sydney (3) and Jennaya (1) over for a couple of hours to play. I love that Alyssa has cousins close to her in age, give her another 6 months and she'll be crawling maybe even walking and trying to keep up.
Kelly and I had a pretty good visit. I like hearing about all the projects she does- she sells Close to My Heart stamping and scrapbooking supplies similiar to the Stampin' Up! that I sell so we buy goodies from eachother.

Stay tuned, this week promises to be another busy one.

What could be cuter?

Alyssa's First Halloween, pic taken last tuesday. She was a great sport while Travis took pictures.

As many of you know she hardly ever smiles for pictures anymore she's interested in the light and noise the camera makes so she just stares. In order to pull off this shot I had to jump around and sing like a complete goof, it was well worth it I'll act like a moron anytime we can get more pics like this.

Alyssa enjoyed watching the kids come to the door, she was quite a hit herself all dressed up. It wasn't long until she started to nod off and instead of being a good Mom and putting her to bed I rocked her in hopes she would fully fall asleep. But my plans were thwarted by Achilles who spotted some munchkins headed to our door and began barking like a crazy dog. Alyssa's popped open, she cried and all my Anne Geddi inspired ideas with sleeping Alyssa I had been planning were sadly never going to happen. Oh well, we got great pics of her awake.


I've thought about it for a while, talked about it with some friends that have blogs over the past week and finally decided to take the plunge after seeing my friend Carley's blog. The Head Family has officially jumped on the blog bandwagon.

This picture was taken at Johnson Lake near Banff in August.